Low Heel Sandals: Lace-up Style from Etsy [ 2023 - Top 11 ]

Low Heel Sandals: Lace-up Style from Etsy [ 2023 - Top 11 ]

 Leggi in Italiano

Lace-up sandals are a must-have, and low heeled ones are super versatile; if you're like me, and always try to balance comfort, style and quality (ah, not so easy, but it's something I've been doing for years now), keep reading this post. This selection embraces the most diverse styles. Here is my current top 11 pairs of sandals from Etsy.

Before moving on to the actual post, it's necessary to make a small intro after almost a year of absence: if you're subscribed to the newsletter or have seen the posts on Facebook and Instagram you'll already know thew reasons, otherwise if you want to know some background, you can catch up on the video (and maybe say hello!?). Anyway, I'm glad to be back and hope you are too! I'll let you read the post :P

We're already at May's end and soon it will be Summer! Not my favorite season, mind you, but still a good season :D Sandals will be the undisputed protagonists of the coming months: there are endless styles to choose from, high or low heels, multicolor or neutral ones... you're really spoiled for choice. However, today we'll see together the timeless lace-ups, perfect for any taste.


For lace-up sandals we mean, in fact, sandals that close with strings, or laces if you prefer. There are, of course, an infinite variety of these too: the most versatile ones, in my opinion, are the flat and low heeled ones. They can be widely used both for the everyday life and for special occasions, simply changing the pairings. 

You know, Etsy is my favorite source of inspiration for handcrafted items, and we're going to take a cue from there. I'd like to clarify that this post is not sponsored and there are no affiliate links. 


Lace-up gladiator black leather sandals, handmade by Syrenia Sorrento. There's also the blue version, see the photo below.

Syrenia Sorrento lace-up gladiator sandals in leather with low heel, crossed on the instep, black color, on a white background.
Syrenia Sorrento
Low lace-up gladiator sandals Syrenia Sorrento, with cross on the instep, in blue laminated leather and leather sole. The laces are held by someone not present in the photo, towards the top, while the sandals are on a white background.
Syrenia Sorrento

Syrenia Sorrento low heeled handmade sandals, made of black leather. You can tie them at the ankle or higher.

Syrenia Sorrento lace-up sandals with low heel, black, in leather, crossed on the instep and behind the ankle. They are placed on a white background.
Syrenia Sorrento

Even if they're not really sandals, please accept them in the list because they're beautiful and among my favourites in this selection. Summer boots in brown Italian leather, with open toe and heel.

Open toe and heel boots, brown, in suede leather. They are adjusted with cross straps on the instep and at the ankle. The wearer has red nail polish and is posing with one foot slightly raised.
Zamkova Shoes

Rose gold flat lace-up sandals, Greek style, crossed on the instep and on the toes. The sole is soft and they're made using traditional methods.

A pair of flat lace-up sandals for women, one placed on the other, with the sole visible. They are rose gold, leather, crossed both just above the toes and on the instep. The laces are placed softly on the sides of the shoes.
The Sandal Mania

 Greek lace-up sandals, low heel, made in brown leather, you can tie them at the ankle or higher because the laces are very long.

A pair of low heeled lace-up sandals in brown leather, crossed in the middle and tied at the ankle with laces. The model wears white nail polish. The background is a gray stone-effect tile floor and a ficus elastica leaf can be glimpsed
Christina Christi Store

Lace-up leather sandals with thin laces and round golden studs.

Low lace-up sandals in leather, crossed on the instep, studded on the two straps above the toes with round golden studs. They are tied with thin laces at the ankle. The model wears white enamel and an anklet with gold-colored pendant charms. The background is the gray porcelain stoneware floor.
Grecian Leather Goods

I like the next ones because you can see from afar that the insole is supersoft! Low heel lace-up sandals, made with golden leather, with thin and black laces.

In the image a single low lace-up sandal, the insole is very soft, black. They are in golden leather and thin and long black laces. It is placed on a white background surface and the lace is neatly rolled up on the side.

Natural leather flat sandals, gladiator style. They're gold-colored except for the laces.

Flat lace-up sandals, gold and natural leather, fastened with thin laces just above the ankle and crossed over the entire length of the foot. The model is wearing white nail polish and has one foot raised, slightly resting with the toe on the ground. In the background, a white wall and ropes descending from above.
Greek Leather Studio

Another pair of favourites, they're not exactly lace-up, but they're adorable! This sage green color is wonderful and the style is simple and pretty. 

A pair of sandals on a plain white background. The sandals are low, with 4 straps on the foot and a strap that starts from the inside of the foot, passes around the ankle and returns to the starting point, sage green, except for the insole which is leather.
Pagonis Greek Sandals

 These are the last ones, other favourites of mine: they're gladiator made in brown leather and have a rough style. 

Leather sandals, gladiator, with low heel, brown color. There's a thick strap that goes all the way across the foot, from the toes to the ankle strap, and then there are two more straps that cross in the middle of the foot; the laces are quite thin and tied at the ankle. The model is wearing burgundy nail polish and is resting with her feet on a beige furry carpet, with one leg fully extended and the foot flexed and the other with the foot resting entirely on the ground.
Pearl Land Shop Designs

The list is finished, but I'd like to make some clarifications: I often receive some recurring questions that I'd like to answer publicly and make the answer available for everyone. Here they are.


Or rather, what is the definition of a low heel for a sandal? There's no difference with other footwear, simply a heel is considered low when it's between 2 and 5 cm; it's followed by the medium one, which reaches 7 cm, and the high heel from 7 cm onwards. It's, of course, an objective definition: subjectively one person might find a 6 cm heel high, another one might find it low by their own standards.


This one is a little more subtle in some respects: sandals are shoes that leave the foot very exposed, generally on the top, sides and toes; heels are closed shoes, both on the toe and sides (often décolleté style) with, in fact, high heels, usually without platform on the front, therefore a more classic and elegant shoes. This can be misleading because we tend to think that if a pair of sandals have high heels it can be called "heel", but no, it depends on how the foot is exposed and how elegant is the shoes :)


Actually, there is no precise way to wear lace-up sandals, as I said before they're suitable for almost any style, and for various occasions: it's difficult to specify standard "rules" for them. However, be careful if you have an hourglass body shape, like me, because laces are not recommended.


Well, it mostly depends on your body shape; it's a vast topic, so I recommend this post: it's a bit old, dates back to 2019 and, yes, I should definitely update it, but the general guidelines are still the same :)


This was my selection of low heel, lace-up sandals sourced from Etsy. What's your favorite pair? And, in general, do you like lace-up sandals?



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