How To Enhance Your Body Shape With These Tips

How To Enhance Your Body Shape With These Tips

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In the past posts we talked about something which interests us all: how to enhance your body shape. However, we haven't had a chance to talk about two items: footwear and swimwear. I preferred to write about them separately, illustrating for every body shape which swimsuits and shoes it's better to prefer. And if you're thinking: "What body shape am I?", I link this article to you let you understand it in a few simple steps :) OK, are you ready? Click on the paragraphs' names to read the posts related to every shape.

  • A short recap: The rectangular body shape is characterized by the absence of waist point, with tiny forms. It's a proportionate shape, so hips and shoulders have the same width.
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  •  Swimsuit: You should avoid creating disproportion among the upper and the lower body, therefore maintaining the same volumes on the chest and hip areas, as well as for clothing in general. Furthermore, it's good to create movement to make the shapes look fuller: go with any kind of fancy pattern; stripes, florals, polka dots, but I don't recomment to wear two-piece swimsuits which have a patterned top and monochrome briefs and vice versa. These type of bikinis create an optical disproportion, as well as the vertical stripes: the latter ones tend to slim down more, and you want to create volume instead. Wrap swimsuits are great for you, as well as high waisted ones if you want to create the waist point; tankinis are good if you want to hide it. Trikinis are perfect too (you're among the ones who can afford them, so indulge yourself!). You can choose a bandeau top or triangle and applications are allowed, all types! Ruffle, laces, sequins, everything is fine, as well as for the slip! If you're not a fan of high-waisted items, choose a low-waisted kind of slip, but with a low-rise design. 
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1.Striped bikini
2.One-shoulder swimsuit
3.Cut-out swimsuit
4.Halter bikini set
5.Printed halterneck bikini
7.Halterneck bikini
9.Printed halterneck swimsuit
  • Shoes: If you like to wear heeled shoes, it's better to choose wisely: opt for thin heels and avoid wedges or plateau. If, on the other hands, you don't like heels, flats are fine, as well as lace sandals. You should remember that ankle straps are great for you. Ankle boots are good on you too and, please, wear cuissardes, you can do it! You can't imagine how much I'd like to wear them :D
1.Strappy lace up heels
2.Ankle strap shoes
3.Pointed high heels
4.Court shoes in orange
5.Espadrille sandals
7.Strap sandals
8.Clear court shoes
9.Strap heeled sandals

  • A short recap: The woman with triangular body shape has a marked waist point, small shoulders and breast, but wider hips. 
Source: Pinterest

  • Swimsuit: You have to harmonize the disproportion among shoulders and hips at the beach too, creating volume where it's needed: the upper part of your body. Two-piece swimsuits will surely help you: go for applications and patterns for the top and keep the bottom as simple as possible. The balconette is perfect to enhance the breast area and the behind-the-neck lacing is also good for your shape. Bandeau and triangle kind of tops suits you well, but it's better to avoid the halterneck. Slips with adjustable straps are your best allies: you can tie them up as you want, so as not to highlight any imperfections; you better choose this kind of bottoms low-waisted and opt for high-waisted ones for every other type :) I would avoid plain one-piece swimsuits and maybe choose something in bicolor, with or without straps.
1.Bikini top
2.Bikini briefs
3.Low-rise bikini briefs
4.Bikini top light blue
5.Printed bikini top
6.Bandeau bikini top
7.Triangle bikini top
8.Brazilian bikini bottom

  • Shoes: High heeled shoes are perfect for you! I'd choose a medium kind of heel, talking about thickness. If shoes are also slightly pointed, you have hit the mark! Knee boots are the perfect choice for you, but avoid ankle ones.
1.Court shoes in lilac
2.Heeled sling backs
3.Heels in burnt orange
4.Pointed high heels
5.Wedge heel sandals
7.Slingbacks mid heel
8.Mid heels
9.Post heeled sandals

  • A short recap: It's the triangle shape opposite. The inverted triangle has the upper part of the body wider than the lower one and in fact this is the build of many sportswomen. There's therefore a disproportion among shoulders and hips.
Source: Joryckyt

  • Swimsuit: In this case, the hip area should be optically enlarged, so as to make the figure more harmonious. The top should be preferred rather simple, maybe monochromatic. It's always better to choose it with not too thin straps: both those tied behind the back, like a bra, and those tied behind the neck are good. There are no restrictions about slips, you can play around with colours, patterns and applications! The important thing is that they're not too simple :) It's better to choose a not coordinated bikini, just like the triangle shape, so fancy below and solid colour above. The same goes for one-piece swimsuits, I'd avoid plain colours and go for a bicolor :)
1.Triangle bikini top
2.Bikini top
3.Halterneck bikini top
4.Ripple tie bikini bottom
5.Swim brief
6.Mid-rise bikini briefs
7.Striped bikini bottom
8.Printed bikini briefs
9.Tropical bikini bottom

  • Shoes: You can wear any type of footwear and there are no particular restrictions: however, if you choose to wear heels, it's better to choose rather thin ones and avoid plateau and wedges or block heels.
1.Embellished slides
2.Mid heel sandals
3.Sandals in nude
4.Heeled sandals
5.Velvet bow trainers
6.Contrast panel trainers
7.Boots print
8.Flat shoes
9.Sandals in black croc

  • A short recap: It's a proportionate shape with shoulders and hips with the same widht, however it's devoid of wast point. The breast area is usually full, but the legs are long and slender.
Source: Pinterest

  • Swimsuit: The woman with this kind of shape tends to be rounder in the upper part of her body and has a full breast. This is the reason why it's better to choose tops without too thin laces or applications, as well as triangular ones or bandeau; in general, strapless kind of tops should not be preferred. Halterneck or balconette are the best for you, tied behind the neck and with wide straps. Patterns are fine, as long as they're tiny and not too showy. High-waisted slips are a must-have for you, even better if they have soft drapes or peplum to hide any roundness. You should also avoid any kind of laces or superfluous applications, which tends to highlight imperfections, as well as low-rise bottoms. One-piece swimsuit is the one that suits you the best! V-necklines and wraps are welcome, as soft drapes on the abdomen area. An advice for you: it's better to choose a swimsuit which has a not too deep neckline on the back.
1.Swimsuit in stripe
2.Sequin swimsuit
4.Black swimsuit
5.Underwired swimsuit
6.Multiway swimsuit
7.Stripe swimsuit
8.Ruched swimsuit
9.Caspian swimsuit

  • Shoes: The heel has to be not too thick, but not too thin. It's better to avoid flat shoes 'cause they don't enhance you: heels will give more shape to the backside. Be careful with wedges and plateaus: if they're to chunky they will weigh down your legs. Your ideal shoes are definitely knee boots :)
1.Heel mules
2.Pointed high heels
3.Bow detail espadrilles
4.Heeled sandals
5.Wedges in snake
6.Orange & pink
7.Block heeled sandals
8.Sandals in nude

  • A short recap: She's proportionate, so she has shoulders and hips with the same width and she's characterized by a narrow and marked waistline. She usually has a buttery and shapely build.
Source: Style Lovely

  • Swimsuit: It's better to write about things you should avoid rather than the recommended kind of swimwear. The hourglass is a shape that has her curves already in the right places, so you can choose almost freely your swimsuit! However, I recommend to use a coordinated set. All kind of tops are welcome, just pay attention to the bandeau: if you're rather prosperous it's better to avoid it. The same goes for slips: if you're curvy, just avoid laces unless they're quite wide. A one-piece swimsuit is good for you, except for the trikini. This kind of swimwear is not recommended unless you're very slim.
1.Bikini set
2.Halter bikini set
3.Lace hem swimsuit
5.Swimsuit in stripe
6.Triangle bikini set
7.Swimsuit in khaki
8.Stripe swimsuit
9.Zip front swimsuit

  • Shoes: The hourglass shape needs heels to slender her legs, but don't worry, we're not talking of stilettos! It's better to use a sturdy, comfortable heel or even better a cone shaped one. However, you should remove from your wardrobe any lace or ankle strap. On the other hand, ankle boots are fine as long as they have a bit of heel, even if the best pair of boots for you are the knee boots: I know you're thinking that you have a quite large calf-muscle, just like me, but it's a prerogative of the hourglass shape; however, if you're able to find a pair of knee-lenght boots which are comfy and don't squeeze your legs, grab them as soon as possible! In this case you don't even need high heels :)
1.Ankle boots
2.Block heel mules
3.Heeled sandals in tan
4.Chunky heel boots
5.Western ankle boots
6.Mule sandals in black
7.Suede courts
9.Cork wedges

These were the last advice about body shapes :) If you have any questions feel free to send me an email or comment this post! If you'd like to dare a bit, you could try to wear smimwear as clothes, like these women did in this video below:

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