Easy Method To Enhance The Hourglass Body Shape (Today)

Easy Method To Enhance The Hourglass Body Shape (Today)

We have come to the end of this body shapes' series, this last post is dedicated to the Hourglass. (it may not be the last, actually... who knows?!) If you would like to read about a specific topic in the next series, send me an email or comment this post :) Anyway, if your question is: "What body shape am I?", I remind you that here you'll find a method to recognize it in a few and very simple steps, plus all the body shape descriptions.


I left the Hourglass for the last post because it's also my body shape :P It's the most balanced form, with shoulders and hips of the same width and a narrow and marked waist. The chest is broad and the backside is usually protruding, with chubby legs. It's a buttery and shapely figure, and when an Hourglass gains a few pounds, she does so evenly all over the body. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes not, in my opinion: I took a lot of weight, so there's not a part of my body that isn't visibly fleshy and I can't hide my plumpness that much (although it's not a problem for me!). However, if you enhance the right points, it's not all lost :D

This shape doesn't need to redistribute the proportions when she dresses up, because she already has everything she needs in the right places, so if you're an Hourglass, you only have to keep the volumes steady both in the lower part and in the upper part of the body. There's no point to hide, but only one to enhance: the Hourglass figure has its strenght in the waist point. So, if you have this body shape, get rid of all the oversized clothes you own and choose to dress yourself with all those snug items in soft fabrics; obviously, waisted dresses are your best allies. The deep neckline also suits you, so let's uncover your décolleté! I just want to give you some advice to keep in mind: your shapes are accentuated, so avoid too sexy stuff, such as super short miniskirts, animal prints (unless it's just a detail) and too-tight dresses.


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 The stretchy dress in soft fabric is the one that suits you the best, as it makes you look wonderful and emphasizes your wasp waistline. Be careful though, it's better not to choose a dress too tight and short because, especially if you're shapely, it could look gross.

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The wrap dress is also good for you, because it highlights both the wasp waistline and the neckline at the same time.



Sources: Pinterest // Juliette Guénon

This type of dress, also known as "hourglass", naturally accompanies your shapes: it's flared at the bottom and has a tight waistline. The clothes that suits you the best are those which leave the décolleté uncovered.


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The jumpsuit is another item that gives you perfection, both elegant and casual ones. You can find them in different types: I recommend those with wide legs or flared ones that end at the ankle height. Pay attention to the latter kind: if you're as short as me, it's better to pair them with high heels. If you're tall, you can also match them with sneakers or flat sandals. If you have tapered legs, those with cigarette pants are great too :)



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Let's start saying that you have to get rid of all those oversized tops, sweaters and tees that make you look shapeless. The Hourglass is a shapely figure and sometimes she can feel embarassed because of her full breast, but she doesn't have to! Let's remember that she's a proportionate shape, so if her breast is florid, she only has to enhance it in the right way. Soft, not too deep V-necks are definitely fine, and tops both in regular and long fit, as long as they're waisted. The crop top looks good on you too! If you don't feel at ease wearing it, you can pair it with a kimono, a blazer or an overcoat.


Sources: Fashion Behind The Seams // Pinterest

In all cases, the knee lenght is the preferred one, as is the high waist to emphasize your strenght point. The two kind of skirt that surely look better on you are the circle one, which is the classic 50s skirt, and the pencil one, which wraps hips and thighs in a great way. It's better to avoid too short skirts: unfortunately, minis aren't suitable for your body shape, or rather, it's really easy to fall into excess when choosing a miniskirt.


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Girl, I know very well the struggle to find the perfect pair of pants. Usually, those that are good on the waist, are tight on the hips, and those that fit well on the hips, are loose on the waist... I know it well! So, I suggest you to choose always stretchy kind of pants and above all, high waisted ones. Both wide legs stuff and flared trousers look great on you, and if you're quite thin you can also opt for cigarette ones, skinny pants and leggings (the latter ones have to be paired with a top which covers your backside). Speaking about jeans, bootcuts look lovely on you! I recommend you to avoid capri pants unless you're tall and have thin ankles; in any case, never wear boyfriend jeans and low-slung trousers because they don't suit you so well.


Sources: Fashion Jackson // Pinterest
 When you shop, look for belted items: they're perfect in order to accentuate the waist, like trench coats. Speaking about short jacket, the shaped one accompanies your figure and enhances your forms to the fullest!


To recap:

  • Mantain the Hourglass figure by enhancing the waist point
  • Try to not create disproportions: it's a proportionate figure, so keep the same volumes both in the lower and in the upper parts of the body
  • Emphasize the décolleté with soft, but not too deep neckline
  • When in doubt, wear a dress
  • Jeans, pants or skirt have to be high waisted
  • Oversized items: a big NO!
  • Midi-skirts have the best lenght for the Hourglass shape; speaking about trousers instead, the longer they are, the better, unless your ankles are very thin.

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