Hi all! 

I'm Ilaria, and I've always loved fashion... or better, I've always loved to play with my personal style. I usually don't follow all the latest trends, I definitely like to experiment and add some seasonal must-haves to my daily looks; I remain, however, stick to my romantic and sometimes vintage vibes - I just love them!

The main purpose of my blog is to tell the reality of things. We see, especially for online shopping experiences, models who are comfortable with everything they usually wear! I would instead like to express my opinion as a "normal person", for normal people! There are no photoshopped pics in my blog, Color Me Fall is the reality of things, with all the flaws and merits that come with it!

Anyway, I'll write small reviews about my purchases, plus a lot of tips, and they'll obviously base on my personal opinion.


From time to time I'll make reviews about items some brands will send me for free: I'll always specify in the blog post what kind of collaboration is. On other occasions, I'll take part in paid campaigns, most in the form of wishlists.

I hope you'll have fun here! For any questions, suggestions, advice, send me a message on social media or by email, I'm so happy to talk with you!


For collaboration, reviews, sponsored posts, business inquiries and to receive my media kit, please send an email to colormefall.website@gmail.com