A Chat between Friends + some Questions/Answers!

A Chat between Friends + some Questions/Answers!

Tuesday, 7 August 2018
I always try to give the best of me, also with blogging, and although I enjoy a lot writing etc., I take the matter seriously. I have many things to say and some articles on-the-go I hope you'll read and like. I decided to write this post to answer some questions and to share with you a few changes I'd like to make before returning to the normal Color Me Fall routine...


Well, this is not a foregone inquiry. There are thousands of fashion bloggers in the world, so you wonder why you should read about me: asking this to yourself seems certainly legit! It started as a game roughly in February, then I thought I could also grow with this new experience and therefore, opened social media channels and so on. I'd like to tell, here on Color Me Fall, the reality of things. I don't know if you've noticed that in my articles or in my Facebook and Instagram posts, there are absolutely no retouched photos: I barely balance a little the colours to make the images brighter. And this is what I'd like to bring here with all myself, the truth, with its merits and flaws! Especially when it comes to online shopping, you always see supermodels wearing beautiful garments and maybe you like them so much! However, you end up not buying them because you have doubts about how they would fit, or you are afraid that one particular item is not like in the pic. How many times did it happen to you? Personally innumerable! I'd like to be a supermodel, but I'm not and it's fine with me, I accept and love myself anyway! So why not make available my experience of "avid online shopper" (I have bought via the internet for 12 years!) to show how some clothes fit on a normal person and not on a supermodel? This was the reason that led me to make the leap to a blog a bit more professional, and I hope my advice will help you!


Surely the main topic is online shopping, so the outfit posts will not be missing, as well as some small reviews of makeup products plus various extras. I've already done a few photo shoots in the past weeks, which will soon arrive on the blog! Obviously working with brands is something satisfying, therefore there'll be sponsored articles. In fact, I have one or two wishlists in mind, for now; you will see them shortly too.

As I said before, I try to give the best of me - sometimes, unfortunately, I also run into fussiness - and so I'd like to take my contents to a new level. It's not always that easy to combine blogging with private life, friends or even with the partner, with gym and moments of relax that are useful from time to time; perhaps "from outside" you wouldn't say so! Before embarking on this new career I had no idea of the amount of work behind it. Despite this, I go on with all of myself. Even if nobody followed Color Me Fall (but I hope someone does!) I will continue to write, take pics and post regularly. I must admit, however, at times I am very unmotivated. Not because I don't wanna carry on my work, it's just that I often compare myself to other fashion bloggers/influencers, especially the most followed on social media. I know it's wrong, but I don't do it consciously. In the last week, I thought a little bit about how to improve, both to grow personally and reach other people and to give the best of me to you who already read my posts! More than all I'm talking of changing the programming, the management of the blog and social accounts: a general reorganization! I'd really like to make the leap in quality also for what concerns the photo shooting, so take a camera up to it (at the moment I click with the phone) or hire a photographer, but I don't have the means to do it; thus, for now, I'll focus on the administration part, then who knows!


We arrived at the end of the article, and I'd like to ask you a question! In light of this news about the changes I'd like to make, do you think it would be better to stop and study my new "action plan" to the best - I'm talking about around 15 days of pause since mid-August - or just loosen a bit the grip both here and on socials and to implement my changes slowly?

I love what I do and I'd like to grow more to give you the best of me, so I sincerely hope for your answer to come because your opinion is really important to me. See you soon!