Gifts For Father’s Day: These Are The Coolest Gift Ideas [2020]

Gifts For Father’s Day: These Are The Coolest Gift Ideas [2020]

Father’s day is coming and I wanted to group some really cool ideas for your dad: they’re also sustainable, so suitable both for the “green dad”, and for the dad who wants to approach the eco-friendly lifestyle. I searched for these gifts among various sites, also taking into account the ratings on Good on You regarding fashion-themed gifts. This guide also focuses on the usefulness of the ideas. So, let’s see them in details.

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A shoutout to all the dads in the world! :)


Well, needless to say that everyone has their own taste, so not everyone likes everything (and thank goodness for it! lol), but in this guide I included so many different things that can surely satisfy many dads. Let's see them together!


  • Pants & Jeans
  • Shoes
  • Tees & Sweatshirts
  • Accessories
  • Jackets


A pair of organic cotton pants or jeans could be one of the best option for a gift! If your dad is a tracksuit kind of guy, Banks Journal could be a great fit for him; if he prefers jeans, I suggest you to take a look at Jeanerica. You can also find my picks in the pic below (click on it to see the widget). Instead, if you want to go for something cheaper, you can opt for sporty apparel by Adidas (and you're never wrong with it), with its recycled fabrics.

sustainable gifts for dad pants and jeans


I also included them among these father's day ideas, because it's not always easy to find sustainable shoes, so I'd like to mention a few brands. Starting from the most affordable, there's Dockers: it's a division of Levi Strauss & Co. and besides the sustainability topic, they're also involved in social activities. They partner with nonprofits and suppliers to help their workers with financial empowerment and family welfare programs; they also started the Service Corps, which support their Worker Well-Being initiative. I would especially like to mention their flipflops, which are really affordable.

Rising slightly in price, there's Jack Wolfskin, which I really love! They specialize mainly in outdoor items, so if your dad loves outdoor activities, a pair of Jack Wolfskin boots could make him really happy. The reason I chose this brand is primarly their transparency: you could download their sustainability book from the website, which is a 26-page pdf where you'll find all the info about their sustainability and social responsibility. They're supply chain is clear and it's entirely visible on their website (I really wish that more brands would do it). Moreover, they're products don't cost a fortune!

The last brand I'd like to mention is Stella McCartney, high end and luxury items, but definitely an investment worth making. They're involved in many charities (you can see the list here), uses recycled fabrics and sustainable materials and have a good social responsibility. If you have the opportunity to spend something extra for an investment, I suggest you to take a look at it.


Adidas is again my first choice when I search for sweatshirts: for example, the one in the pic comes in various colours and it's made of cotton and recycled materials, and it's also affordable (click the pic to see the widget). There are also two luxury brands which are expensive, yes, but if you find a good deal it's worth tinking about it: I'm talking about Greg Lauren and Kwaidan Editions. They both create unique and one-of-a-kind pieces, take a look at this and this tee on Ssense.

sustainable gifts for dad tees and sweatshirts


There would be many kind of accessories that could be good as a gift, but I'd like to indicate a few that are really suitable and versatile, besides being sustainable, always starting from the cheapest ones. You should have understood that I love Adidas as a brand (lol) and in fact, I also insert them in this accessories section, wanting to point out to caps (this one is so cute for example). Another brand which I already mentioned is Dockers, check the widget below. 

We go up in price because I want to talk about All Blues, this minimalist Swedish jewelry brand: their jewels are all handmade and this justifies the high prices, but this also means that they're made with care and attention! Their items have a really high quality.

If you like the idea, you can also check out some preloved items on Vestiaire Collective: it's the most sustainable option, after all! For example, you can buy a iGucci digital watch Special edition in good condition, with a saving of at least $7056 compared to a new one! It's a big deal! Take a look at the widget below.

Another website to check out for preloved items is Jomashop: take a look at their second-hand watches! If you want to splurge, there are some Rolex in excellent condition, like this one.


Ok, other section, other Adidas items! Their jacket are a staple, let's face it! Take a look at this one, or at their collection here.

But! My favorite place to look for good jacket at a great price is definitely Vestiaire Collective again. I'm a sucker for vintage jacket, and there you'll find some little gems like the ones in the widget.


Yes, men should take care of their skin too, just as women do, and if your father is one of those who do it, well I can only recommend Paula's Choice Skincare. The men's line (click on the pic below to see it) is quite complete and their products are soooo affordable! I love this brands for many reasons: they have partnered with TerraCycle to recycle empty products, they plants trees, don't use single-use plastics in their offices, they're cruelty free and (oh my cuteness) their office is dog-friendly too! But these are just some of the reasons why I like Paula's Choice, there are other listed on their website here.

paula's choice men's line


  • Eyeglasses
  • Organizers
  • Coffee-themed gifts


I'd like to start this section with eyeglasses because usually this kind of gift is not taken into account: eyewear is really personal, so there's a risk in gifting them, BUT! I choose Warby Parker for some reasons I'm going to explain to you.

1.Virtually Try On

 They have an iOS app that allows you to virtually try on the eyeglasses. It's pretty useful! You'll be able to try the frames before buying and be sure that it's what you need. You obviously need your dad's collaboration, but if he needs a new pair of eyeglasses, it's a very useful gift!

2. Home Try On

If you don't have an iPhone, or want to be more sure about what you're going to buy, there's also the Home Try On. You can choose 5 frames and let your dad try them at home: they'll also ship them for free. After 5 days, you have to return the frames and you can place the order to buy the frame that suits him the best. It's a great option that allows you to purchase it without worrying about the final look it will give him :)

3. Sustainability and Giving Back

The third reason I chose to promote Warby Parker is probably the most important. They're a carbon-neutral brand (and they're proud of it too) and they actively work to reduce their environmental impact. Moreover, on their website, you can read or download their impact report: it's a 54-page pdf in which they cover the environmental and the labour aspects, plus other topics related to the brand, to show their transparency. They also have very interesting statistics about their employees: I really appreciate this kind of things, because brand transparency is so important nowadays and it's also a way to give importance to customers and make them feel part of the brand! They're also give back with their "Buy a pair, give a pair" program: for every pair of eyeglasses purchased, a pair of glasses is distributed to someone in need. You can read more about it here

Here are some example of glasses you'll find on Warby Parker (click on the pic to see the items' widget)

gifts for father's day eyeglasses ideas


If your dad is an office worker or is a desk kind of guy, a useful gift could be an organizer. There are many sustainable ones on the market, like this bamboo one by Mind Reader.


It's difficul to find a person who doesn't love coffee nowadays, so it's right to include in this list a gift suitable for coffee lover dads! This coffee grinder by Cuisinart is perfect: it's not the usual coffee machine or the usual cup and it's also a beautiful object of design.


  • Gardening
  • Book-themed gifts
  • Travel-themed gifts


If you're dad is passionate about gardening, you have to check Urban Stems out: they're an online gifting brand which guarantee next day or the same day delivery. They have some beautiful plants and flowers sourced every day at Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. It's such a cute gift!


And not just any books. Vintage books! They're sooo cool in my opinion! Actually, it's a set of eighteen vintage books published from 1951 about wars, cigars, whisky and so on. Take a look at it here.


Whether he's traveling for hobby or work, it's actually indifferent. I inserted this gift in this list also to let you know about its brand: it's a laptop bag by Nordhale. Their products are all made from industrial upcycled felt that take from factories that no longer need it. The pieces are handcrafted and really suitable for a slow and minimal lifestyle.


There are lots of cute DIY ideas for making a cool gift for Father's Day! Here are a few videos to take some inspo:

Video by The Little Genius Workshop

Video by BuzzFeedVideo

There's also this post you can check out, by Red Ted Art. Here you'll find lots of DIY ideas to make a great gift by yourself :)

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