The Best Tips For Creating A Capsule Wardrobe - pt.1

The Best Tips For Creating A Capsule Wardrobe - pt.1

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How to create a capsule wardrobe? What do you really need? In this post you'll find what is essential for me to own for a well-equipped capsule wardrobe. In this first part we'll talk about makeup, underwear and accessories.

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Finally, I can also say that I have a capsule wardrobe, yayyyyy! It's actually something I've been thinking about for some time, but I wasn't brave enough to do it. Now it's much easier to get ready in the morning, I'm faster to choose what to wear and above all I enjoy exerimenting with new ways to use what I already have: has the capsule wardrobe improved my life? Yes, absolutely, and I say it out loud!

I recommend it to everyone after having immersed myself in this kind of thing. I have more awareness about the stuff I own and I'm now surrounded only by things that are good for me, also from a psychological point of view: it's an experience you have to do. That's the reason why I decided to share it with you. In this post I'll show you what is necessary to have a complete capsule wardrobe.
Please note: below, I made various lists of things, with the total of each item I kept; just a reminder that this is what works for me and my lifestyle! Maybe they may not be good for yours. You have to find what works for your lifestyle, so don't focus on numbers but used them as a guideline :)

However, you must always remember that is quality over quantity!


First of all, I'd like to give you some tips to organize your capsule wardrobe in the best way possible:

1. Don't be too strict

It's fine to set a goal, but don't be too strict with yourself. Set an easily achievable goal, don't push yourself too much or you'll have the opposit result: if you force yourself to do something, you may regret it and abandon the idea. So, take it one step at a time.

2. Keep the things that make you happy

Donate everything that is not useful, or that you don't like anymore, or the stuff that no longer fit you: keep only things that bring you joy in wearing them. Also, try to determine which colours you use the most: a capsule wardrobe doesn't have to be only in neutral shades. If your colour is green, build your wardrobe around that colour. Your capsule wardrobe must be built around you, not the other way around.

3. Forget social media

That fashion blogger you've been following for years wears a beautiful edgy outfit, you would like to try it, but you've always had a classic style. Well, it's not time to experiment. If you've always had a certain style, it will be difficult to radically change it: maybe you won't even like it, so you'll have wasted time and money trying to recreate that look. Stick with your style, on things that work, then if you want to experiment with other kind of styles, there will always be a way to do it :) in this initial phase, however, it's better to stay in a comfort zone.

4. What do you give priorities to?

Identify the most important thing for each season: in Spring, for example, my priority is to have a transition wardrobe; so in my closet there will be both long-sleeved shirts and sweaters, and short-sleeved tees for the hottest days. Obviously, in Winter my priority will change: I will need warmth and comfort, so my wardrobe will be composed around these two qualities.

5. Don't buy unless necessary

Use what you already have, maybe upcycle it if you have some DIY aptitude, but don't throw everything away in order to buy it again! Buy only if necessary. Don't be tempted by those beautiful jeans on sale if you already have 5 more hanging in the wardrobe!

6. Don't be afraid to repeat the same outfit

An outfit is never the same outfit if you play with accessories, with very few pieces you can create many different looks! This is something we'll see in the second part, however :) Even if it were exactly the same outfit, by the way, what would be wrong with it? I myself am an outfit repeater, I feel good when I'm wearing certain outfits, so why should I be afraid or ashamed for?

However, let's get started!


I started with makeup, because it was easier for me.

I was shocked: almost everything I had, had expired or very close to! Make-up products deteriorate too: the expiry date is usually written on the packaging, but on average they last about 12 months after opening. Pay attention to mascara because they're expire faster than other products! They have a really short duration, especially those that don't contain meny preservatives.

So, what did I do? I just threw the unrecoverable. I have 3 glosses, a foundation, an eyebrow pencil and a concealer palette left. Yeah, that's all lol!

As much as I may have adopted a rather minimal lifestyle, I'd like to buy some other products to have a little assortment.

What are the essentials in my opinion?
  • A nude palette
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner (or eye pencil)
  • a cuple of lipstick and a lip liner
There are also other products that are good to own, but obviously it depends on the use of each of us makes of makeup. If you want to have a rather complete cosmetic bag, these products are also necessary:

  • Faceprimer
  • Foundation (or BB cream)
  • Concealer
  • Setting powder
  • Blush
  • Highlighter
  • 4 bright eye shadows
Pro tip: if you don't remember when you opened a product, write the opening date on a sticker to stick on it. In this way you'll perfectly know if the cosmetic is still good and safe to wear or should be thrown away!

Click on the pics to see the product widgets


The second step I made was the underwear closet declutter: I started throwing away all the worn out clothes, loose briefs, bras and socks (come on, who doesn't have some in their closet?!). Then I eliminated wrong size items.

I'm happy with:
  • 2 daily bras
  • a bandeau and a strapless bra, especially for Summer
  • 2 sport bras, particularly useful for me during my periods and workouts
  • 4 seems-free slips
  • a medium and a high waisted brief
  • a shaping one
  • a culotte.

Very important! Until recently, I didn't use anything else under my clothes excpet for the intimates or a shaping bodysuit, but I also tried slip dresses and simple tank tops; now I'm wearing them every day. I bought all these things because they were almost unknown for me and I did the right choice.
  • I bought a satin and a stretchy slip dresses
  • 3 basic tank tops: black, white and grey
  • I already own the shaping bodysuit and I use it very often; I talked about it in this post on Instagram.

I still have a lot of socks, I think they're 10 or 14 pairs, but it's fine for me. The advice I'd like to give you is to choose tights (I have 2 black and 2 opaque nude pairs in total) and rather basic socks, so you can easily combine them with your shoes!

P.S. In the image below you'll also find 2 briefs from OrganicBasics, the black slip dress from Woron and the shapewear from Comazo which are not linked in the widget


This was so easy: I simply threw away all broken bobby pins and loose elastic bands. Now I own:
  • some pins, some hair clips and a couple of scrunchies
  • In addition, I kept some headband and a foulard I usually wear when I style my hair: keep in mind that, with a minimal wardrobe, accessories play an important part in your looks.


This was the hardest part for me! I had plenty of bracelets, necklace and earrings (I had 4 jewelry boxes, plus a small trunk for the jewels with an emotional value, plus other boxes scattered in my dresser drawer!), but let's go step by step:

I kept a beanie and a pair of gloves for the Winter, in black and grey shades, so I can combine them well with any outfit (my Winter colours are grey, black and brown); for the next Summer, instead, I'd like to buy a hat in lighter tones. I own 3 scarves in warm fabrics for cold seasons, and other 3 to be worn all year round. Actually, scarves are soooo versatile! They can be arranged as tops, shrugs, dusters, you name it. I'm planning a blog post about this to delve into the topic, by the way!

And about belts? Well, I like to use 3 kind of belt: a very thin one because I like to use it to cinch my waist and to tuck in the sweaters; a very thick one, which I use like a corset; the last one is halfway between the previous two and I usually wear it through the jeans and pants' belt loops. A pair of sunglasses is enough!

It was a quite complex situation regarding jewels, but it was actually my fault because I wanted to make a very huge declutter and stick to what I had decided from the beginning, that is:
  • 3 rings
  • 4 pairs of earrings (2 studs, a pair of dangling and a pair of hoops) 
  • 2 watches
  • a brooch
  • 4 bracelets e 4 necklaces
I created a mix of dainty and fancy accessories. The bottom line is to keep only the accessories that bring you joy in wearing them; keep away all those that don't reflect your style.

Since the talk is still very long I'll divide the post in two parts: in the next part we'll cover the entire wardrobe section, we'll see how to create a capsule closet, what to do with the clothes you no longer want and there will be the first Color Me Fall freebie! So sign up for the newsletter if you want to receive it too!

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  1. Loved your post!!! I try to only keep the thing I need even though sometimes I indulge myself! I especially liked your tips about makeup essentials!

    1. Hi Maria! I'm glad you liked the post, hope it was useful! It's definitely okay to indulge yourself sometimes :D Thank you for stopping by! xoxo