25 New Ways To Wear Accessories

25 New Ways To Wear Accessories

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Have you ever been bored of your accessories? I bet yes, at least once in a lifetime! This is the reason why you need to buy new ones, in order to refresh your jewelry box. But there's a cheaper and faster way to breath some fresh air! Have you ever thought about using the accessories you already have in a different way? Here are 25 new ways to reinvent your jewels!

In this post I have already talked about how to wear your clothes in an unconventional way, and I also talked about it in this post on Instagram. So, why not to do the same with complements? Let's start!

(P.S.by the way, the shirt I was wearing in the post that I just linked, doesn't fit me anymore, alas!  I put it up for sale here if it might interest you :)) 


  • Pin it in a particular way - Brooches can be worn in many different and unusual ways! For example, instead of pinning them as you usually use, that it, on shirts, you can also wear it as cufflink, collar-stud, on jackets, sweaters and, why not, skirts and pants! Not to mention the combinations that can be made with hats, scarves and belts :) In addition, if you own some thick enough pins, you can also weat them on coats.

  • As a pendant - Take a link necklace and fasten the pin needle inside the links to make a sort of pendant; you can also do the same thing with a bracelet or anklet.

  • As a multi-ring - If you have a couple of simple style rings with a loose fit, you can use the same system as the necklace one to pin the brooch and have a superpersonalized ring!

Note: Unfortunately, I didn't have wider rings at hand, so I had to make these work, lol!

It seems awkward, but actually it leaves your finger free to move, more than a multi-ring, as you can see in this short video above.

  • You can also use pins in combinations with pendants to create even more original accessories!

  • These tips, excluding the ring one, are also applicable with stud brooches.


  • As a bracelet - The most common way is to use long necklaces as bracelets, wrapping them around the wrist.
  • As a anklet - The same can be done on your ankle too but be careful to choose the right necklace's lenght, otherwise the result will not be very pleasant to see.
  • Wear it in your hair - If you have a choker, it's perfect as a finish for your hairstyle! Just make sure to put the closure underneath a few strands of hair; if you have a longer necklace, use it as headband: pearls work very well in this case. Remember to fix it with bobby pins.
  • Reverse side - Who says a necklace can only be worn on the front? If you're wearing a dress with a nice deep neckline on the back, make sure that the necklace falls on it :) Necklaces with small pendants are great for this.
  • As a belt - Are you wearing a simple dress? Enhance it with a necklace worn as a belt, to emphasize your waist point. Just be careful not to tighten it too much: a belt is much more resistant than a necklace :)
  • As a bag strap - Well yes, have you ever tried to use a necklace as a bag strap? Obviously, I'm talking about rather small and not very heavy bags; however, both short and longer necklaces work well, it depends on your preferences.


  • As a ring - You can only do it with small and thin kind of jewels: just a few wraps around your finger and then close them, hiding the closure!
  • On the collar - If you're wearing a shirt with buttonholes on the collar, you can pass through them a bracelet or an anklet and fasten it. Then, just bring the two sides to the same lenght and hide the closure.
  • As an arm cuff - You can use adjustable cuffs to make an arm bracelet.
  • As earrings - Use pendants in combinations with hoop earrings to customize them :) 


  • As pendants - If you fix them so as not to lose them, you can use earrings on necklaces or bracelets to create charms: you just have to insert the hook through the links and press it a little to secure it. 

  • As brooches - You can use the same method to pin them to jackets' buttonholes; actually, you can do it even with stud earrings, but you must be sure that the clutches are big enough not to fall off.

  • As cufflinks or collar-studs - Notice that you can do it with stud earrings as long as the clutches are large enough not to fall off the buttonhole. Acually, for this purpose, you can buy wide-based clutches: you can find them in hobby shops (they usually sell small bags with a bunch of them inside) and cost a few euros.
  • As shoe decorations - If you have some clip-on earrings, you can use them as shoe decorations: identify the best position to fix them, where they wouldn't bother you as you walk and fasten them on your shoes :) Pin them in the center, on the shoelaces' intersection or on the knots; if the shoes don't have laces, you can put them on their tongues.
  • As bags' decoration - We're still talking of clip-ons :) They work well with clutches and small bags.
  • As decorations in general! - Actually, clip-ons lend themselves perfectly to be fixed almost everywhere: on jackets, scarves, headbands and also shirts, skirts and trousers (in the last two cases, only if clothes are thin enough). The same goes for hats, gloves, belts and so on.

  • As a scarf-clip - Adjustable rings are perfect for this purpose! I don't recommend one size ones 'cause they could slip off.
  • As a headscarf-clip - We're still talking of adjustable rings: you can wear a headscarf and use them to fasten the knot :)

  • In combo with earrings - If you have a pair of hoop earrings, combine them with a ring to customize them!
  • As a pendant - Actually, this is a very common way to wear rings: just think that when the wedding ring no longer fits, it's usually hung on a necklace. However, as this is a list of ways to wear accessories in unusual manners, I wanted to insert it :)
I hope I've given you some inspiration, your only limit is your creativity! And if you really need to renew your jewelry box, you'll find the Shop The Post section below, with some accessories on sale at the moment :)

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