4 Must-Haves You Should Own In Your Summer Wardrobe For 2019

4 Must-Haves You Should Own In Your Summer Wardrobe For 2019

Sometimes we really have too many clothes in our closet, but there are a few things we can't live without especially for summer: we don't wear any overcoats in this time of the year, so we can dare a little more with our clothes to show them off during the day. Here are the four things you definitely need for summer, the must-haves for this season :)


In Summer, my outfits are almost always super colourful, you will rarely see me with a monochromatic look or very dark tones on. The t-shirt I'm wearing in the pics is a dupe of a Desigual top belonging to a collection from a few years ago and I love it! It gives me a lot of joy just by wearing it thanks to its colours. It's really versatile, it can be combined with almost any kind of bottom, be it jeans, pants or shorts. It's a close-fitted kind of top and it can be paired with both skinny and flare or wide leg jeans: if you want to create a bit of volume in the lower part of your body, the latter ones are perfect. The deep V-neck suits well those who have a full breast or want to slender the upper part of the body.


 I'm happy when I wear ripped jeans, they remind me of summer! Although some kind of ripped jeans are also suitable for other times of the year, I prefer to limite their use to the summer or early fall. These ones in particular are a pair of stretch high-waisted skinny and they're definitely among the must-have items in my closet. They're staple stuff and you can create lots of outfits with them, changing only few details: for example, you can wear them as I did for a casual look, but you can also elevate them to something more sophisticated by combining them with a fancy top, be it embellished with sequins, animal printed or neon coloured. In addition, you can pair them with almost any kind of footwear: flats, wedges, plateaus, mules, sneakers, you name it! By the way, I'll soon post some tips about taking care of ripped jeans at the best, I suggest you not to miss it! :)
If you'd like to make your own ripped jeans, watch the video below by Amber Scholl:


I can't miss in my outfits a pair of cute sandals for summer, no way! These ones in hot pink are so pretty and comfy! I could really keep them on for days and that wouldn't bother me: if something makes me feel at ease, it's 100% approved :P I have an hourglass body shape, so if they had had a bit of heel they would have suited me more, but honestly I like to wear flat shoes from time to time, especially if they're as pretty as these ones! They have only one flaw: inside the band they have a pair of metal pins to keep the decorative chain in place. They could stain your foot, especially if you have a heavy or a particularly acid sweating, but I was able to solve this issue by applying a bit of clear nail polish on the metal pins :) You have to repeat this operation from time to time, but at least you won't have any unsightly spots on your feet.

Actually, I always wear my reminders during the whole year, not only in summer, and they're usually in the form of accessories.The first one is a simple red leather bracelet with white braiding: my mother gave it to me a few years ago and I wear it very often. The second one is a new entry :) It's a  necklace by Sincerely Silver, they kindly sent it to me, and it's part of their outdoor necklaces. I put it on as soon as it arrived and since then I've only taken it off to go to bed, because it's very light and it seems like not wearing it. It's a rose gold necklace, and it reminds me of mountains: they are my habitat, and every time I look at this necklace they come back to my mind. It's strange 'cause I also remember of memories related to travels, trekking adventures and camping, memories in which I wasn't wearing this piece of jewelry yet, of course. I can only imagine how excited I'll be to look at it after creating new memories along with it!


I'd like to tell you a little more about this brand, which I liked so much for its jewels' daintiness. There's really plenty of choice when you land on its website: bracelets, rings, necklaces, themed and customizable with quotes, song lyrics and even with sound waves. You can imprint the sound of your or your loved one voice on a jewel: this is so cool, girl! I suggest you to take a look at this kind of personalization, 'cause it's a really pretty and special reminder :) All these feature make Sincerely Silver jewelry truly unique as a gift idea too.


Sincerely Silver has a great message to spread about feminism: with its jewels it wants to be a source of inspiration for women, tell their stories and encourage them to share their experiences. It wants to show a very beautiful concept that expresses feminism as a form of equality, where any person can feel free to express himself/herself as he/she feels to be without any kind of restraints. It doesn't want to focus on feminism as the result of the disadvantage of women as a group in the society, but on every single woman in difficulty, as a single individual. This solidarity that Sincerely Silver supports and tries to spread is very close to my heart: I fully share this message and you know that for me the mutual support, help and the ability to rely on each other are vitally important. I'd be very pleased if this brand succeeds in establishing itself and spreading its message; I feel it very close to me both for its mission and its jewels, so I'm really happy to help it spread the word in my own small way and support it as I can :)


Where can you find Sincerely Silver? Well, it has its own website, but you could also find it on Etsy :) Plus, it was so kind to offer me a 15% discount code for you :) This is not an affiliation code and I will not take any commission if you wanted to buy from it, I'm simply recommending it by my heart. The code id: SINCERELY15 and I really suggest you to not miss the chance to own one of its jewels, because if you choose it following your own feelings, as I did it, it will give you a lot of satisfaction.

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  1. Love the look, I definitely struggle with color in my wardrobe! Time to add some more!

    1. If you're not used to dress in a very colourful way, try starting with accessories :) Thank you Jessica! xoxo

  2. That necklace is honestly a so beautiful.I love how you talked about the brand mission in your article. And I'm always on the hunt for cute sandals. Great post!

    1. Yeah, I really fell in love with it at first sight and in addition I appreciate brands that have a mission to carry out :) I'm glad to be a spokesperson for it and help to spread something positive; and, heck yeah, cute sandals are what I always look for! Thank you so much Amne! xoxo

  3. My summer must have is definitely a good pair of jeans & a pretty summer dress!

    -Madi xo | http://www.everydaywithmadirae.com

    1. Totally agree, jeans and pretty dresses are definitely must-haves! Thank you Madi :) xoxo