Apple body shape: outfits and tips [ How to Style ]

Apple body shape: outfits and tips [ How to Style ]

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If you're an apple-shaped person, but you don't know what to wear, you're in the right place. Here's another article about body shapes, today I'll analyze the apple figure and I'll provide you with all the tips to enhance your body. You'll discover how to spot and hide your flaws and highlight your strenghts. If, on the other hand, you're not yet sure about your body shape, I suggest you to take this simple test. So, get ready to find out the apple body shape outfits and which types of clothing suit you best!

Melissa McCarthy and Kate Winslet have an apple shaped body
Melissa McCarthy and Kate Winslet have an apple shaped body


As you can see, Melissa McCarthy and Kate Winslet are two examples of women who have an apple body. The apple-shaped woman has a proportionate figure, so hips and shoulders are the same width; however, she lacks a wasistline, or it's not very marked and she tends to accumulate excess pounds right in the chest and abdomen area. Her slender legs are her strong points and should be highlighted. Let's see how to do it.



First, you need to create the waistline, or at least emphasize it: high-waisted garments and fitted dresses come in handy for this purpose. If, on the other hand, you want to divert attention from this part of your body, the empire-style dress is what you need (it's even better with a V-neck): the cut under the breast allows you to hide any roundness from this point down, highlighting the décolleté instead.



Geometric dresses are perfect for you because they slender the bust. I'm especially talking about bicolor dresses with vertical motifs. Always prefer above-the-knee lenght with a continuous pattern; avoid too snug or too shaped dresses.

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Two dresses, the first one is a geometric dress in yellow, black, white, red and blue. It's a sleeveless dress with an a-line, above-the-knee lenght. The second one is a geometric dress with vertical large stripes in white, black and beige. It's sleeveless, long and has a belt on it
Left from Pinterest, right from Etsy


 Tunic dresses are perfect if you want to camouflage the waistline, drawing all the attention to the legs. This type of dresses are great for those with a small breast.


Two tunic dress: the first one is a shortsleeve, bicolor, knee-lenght dress in ivory and blue; the second one is a neutral beige, knee lenght, tunic dress
Dress on the left here; this on the right here


As I mentioned before, if you want to hide your waistline the empire-style dress is great; unlike the tunic dress, this one is more suitable for those with larger breast.

The dress on the left is on my Vinted shop; the right one is a Reformation mini dress


The low waist dress is fine as long as it's in a soft fabric, especially for the upper part. It's perfect for hiding any imperfection in the abdomen area.

Two low waist dresses. The first one is a preloved Saint Laurent mini dress, black in size M. Transparent with long sleeves and elasticated cuffs. The second one is a preloved Hermes, sleeveless, in a bright orange, above-the-knee lenght
Dress on the left: a second-hand Saint Laurent dress; dress on the right: a second-hand Hermes


This kind of dress, which is always quite soft, allows you to disguise any flaws and highlighting your décolleté at the same time. 

Two wrap dresses, knee-lenght. The first one is in a rust colour, made with organic linen, shortsleeve. The second one is in a mustard colour, with a print on it, longsleeve.
This dresses are on Etsy and they're handmade! The left one here and the right one here


The trapeze dress is also great for you, in soft fabrics, especially for the bottom part of the dress. It's similar to the tunic dress, but gradually widen from top to bottom.

Two trapeze dress, knee-lenght and sleeveless. The first one is white, the second is light blue
Two diy dresses! The first one from Sewing Julie, from a blog post on the Clover blog; the second one from Happiest Camper


Keep in mind that you have to emphasize the décolleté and define the waistline, or hide it. So, V-neck, even with a deep neckline, crewneck and strapless tops are definitely fine. Soft tunics and blouses tied at the waist are also perfect. However, the best items for you are vests and cardigans. It's a big no for one-shoulder tops, tops with boat or crossed neckline: they create a visual disproportion. Also, avoid crop tops, oversized or baggy garments, they don't flatter your shape.

A blouse tied at the waist on the left part of the image, it has long sleeve with elasticated and puffed cuffs, wrap neckline and the fabric is printed with gold, red and white leaves on black background. In the right part of the image there is a long top, trasparent, in a black soft fabric with long sleeve, asymmetrical.
Two example of great tops for an apple shaped figure: both from Etsy, the first one here, the second one here.


Your legs are awesome and you have to enhance them! The mini skirt is perfect for you: a-line (also called trapeze), handkerchief, full circle ones, you name it! But there are two rules to always keep in mind: soft fabrics and high waist.

Two vintage piece; the first one on Etsy; the second one on Etsy too! 


Same rules applied to trousers, as for the skirts: legs are your strong points, so the shorts are the best option for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer long trousers, bootcut, cigarette and flared ones are great. If you're quite petite in the bust, skinnies and leggings are also suitable. You have small hips, so you can also play with prints and colours, but your best allies are high waist and stretch fabrics. Another gem: if you don't want to draw attention on the abdomen, you can opt for trousers or jeans with side zip ;)

Two trousers, the first one is a Balenciaga pair of leggings, black and simple. The second one is a pair of flared blue jeans by Stella McCartney
The first leggings are by Balenciaga; the second jeans are by Stella McCartney


The blazer suits you best, but the trench coat is also great for you: the right lenght is the kee-lenght. As I said earlier, cardigans and vests worn open help you to slim the bust and hide any imperfections in the abdomen area. The only thing you have to avoid is double-breasted items.

In the left part of the image there's a vintage velvet blazer by Aspesi: it's a single-breasted, dark coloured, tailored blazer with pocket and breast pokets. In the right part of the image a preloved belted trench coat by Saint Laurent. Black, single-breasted, with a shine finish. It has two pockets on the front.
Vintage blazer on the left by Aspesi (similar here); vintage preloved trench coat on the right by Saint Laurent


Sure! The apple-shaped woman can definitely wear a jumpsuit, but always keep in mind the basic: it's necessary to mantain the proportion between the upper and the lower part of your body. Basically, if you stick to the guidelines you read in this post you'll be able to find out which kind of jumpsuit suits you best. I'll give you a couple of example:

Two jumpsuits: the first one is a short, belted jumpsuit by Haris Cotton. It's in a pale rose, with a shirt-like upper part, with collar, buttons and short sleeves. The second one is by Reformation, a dark green jumpsuit with flared trousers, belt, and a zipper on the front. It's short sleeved and has the collar
First jumpsuit by Haris Cotton; second jumpsuit by Reformation


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To recap:

Guide to dress an apple shaped-body
Keep in mind this simple guide to enhance your shape: you can also save it on Pinterest to keep it handy!

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