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Beginner-Proof Method To Enhance The Triangular Body Shape

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This is the second blog post about body shapes: let's continue with the triangle, aka pear-shaped body! First of all, do you know what your body shape is? If the answer is no, don't worry, read here and then go to the article which interests you the most! :)


If you're in this category too, you'll probably have trouble finding clothes of the right size for you, not to mention swimsuits. Plus, I'm sure you have a rather conflicting relationship with your legs, don't you? Don't be demoralized! You have one of the types of physique considered among the most feminine! You have a beautiful waistline which is mainly your strong point, and a really sophisticated upper body. Now, we just have to clarify how to minimize the disproportion from the hips down.

The hinge point is to harmonize the figure; so, how to? It's quite simple: you have to enhance the upper part of your body. It's fine to use lighter colours and patterns for the upper body and darker ones for the lower, just as it's perfect to wear clothes which mark the waistline!

We also saw it when we talked about the rectangular body shape, it's the dress which best suits the pear figure, as it emphasizes the waistline leaving the skirt falls soft on the hips, accompanying the natural curves. Even sleeveless kind or those with thin straps are fine, and go with embellishments on décolleté like ruffles and so on!

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The topic is always the same: even talking about tops, blouses, shirts and so on, we need to create volume, in order to harmonize the figure. Go with ruffles, pre-shaped pads - which are so fashionable - wide sleeves and V or boat neck; besides, you are one of the few people in the world who can afford the horizontal stripes (do we really wanna talk about my envy?! haha :P). By the way, try to avoid shirts too short or too long, the right lenght for you is around the belt line. I know it sounds strange, but tops which cover the bottom tend to emphasize it even more, getting the opposite effect.

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To camouflage your hips a little, choose slightly flared, long or midi skirts - the latter are going to be very popular again during this period! Always prefer them high-waisted to emphasize your strenght point. Avoid too short ones and close-fitting kind! If you're in doubt about the colour, always go darker for the lower body, and you can't go wrong :)

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Unfortunately, concerning pants, the triangle figure - otherwise called pear-shaped - doesn't have so many alternatives: she can choose wide legs trousers or flared ones. Shortly, tight types or those with applications and fancy pants should be avoided: they could highlight flaws and not merits. Always choose high waist, like skirts.

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You can opt for a short kind of coat, a bomber perhaps, which doesn't hide the waistline or a long waisted one! In the first case you can play with fabrics and colours (even the neon if you like!), in the second case try instead to choose something to create more volume in the upper part of your body, - of course - as puffed sleeves or applications.

To recap:
  • Create volume in the upper part of the body
  • Minimize flaws in the lower part
  • Enhance the waistpoint
  • Try to choose bright tones for the hips up and darker for the hips down
  • Choose the right lenght for tops
  • Avoid applications on pants
  • Always choose high-waisted clothes

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2 commenti

  1. This is such a great post- shared to my style board on Pinterest! :) I've always struggled with finding jeans and pants- whatever fit my legs was always way too loose around my waist. My mom conviced me to go for high-waisted pieces and it made all the difference. Definitely trying a few tips from this post, thank you!!

    Paula | Thirteen Thoughts

    1. Hi Paula! Yeah, high-wasted pieces are the best for the pear-shaped body, they made the difference indeed! I'm so glad you liked the post and thanks for your support! :) xoxo