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Why Empire Style Dress "Works Well"

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Tuesday, 9 October 2018
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To everyone his own dress, and I've surely found mine. Clothes shape can enhance or, on the contrary, diminish the body, so it's important to find out which one suits the best your physical conformation. Today we're gonna talk about empire style!

This kind of dresses are characterized by a very high waist, usually under the breast, and skirt which falls down soft and straight. They're perfect for disguising hips and belly while emphasizing the bust. They slender the figure - this style is my #1 ally for the purpose by now! - and they're wonderfully suitable for those who have a round body shape, but not only for them! This dress cut, in fact, has the peculiarity of being very simple and adaptable, so it's also fine for those who simply want to enhance the décolleté or need to "stand up" a little more. Be careful: if you have a rather prosperous breast you would put it even more in the foreground, so it's better to choose another kind of cut if your purpose is to harmonize your shapes.

The dress I wore, regarding today look, has actually an I-cut which goes straight down without particular movements, ending below the knee. However, you can easily turn it into an empire to emphasize the bust. The small belt I've used for this purpose is a classic black cotton rope which ends with beads and tassels and can be tied with a bow or a half bow. If you don't like this style, you can simply make a cute knot and let the endings fall down on the side or in the middle as you prefer :)

Remember to choose a design like this if you need to slim your silhouette: vertical bands, maybe in not too bright shades, help a lot! In addition, I find the transparencies very feminine, 'cause you can glimpse the legs through the fabric; the rest of the body is covered, instead, by the inner lining.

I allowed myself to wear a pair of low-heeled boots which were kindly sent to me by Light In The Box, and I think they're very nice! Buckles and square heels make them quite casual but, worn in the right way, they're also suitable for a more sophisticated look. They are waterproof boots in leatherette, but be careful: in the item description it's specified that they're good for Spring and Summer, but I really don't agree with this. These pics were taken in August, and my feet suffered; so, they can safely be worn in Spring, Fall, maybe even in Winter with thicker tights but, absolutely, not in Summer! They fit good if you wanna buy them, take your exact size :)

A medium shoulder bag, maybe in patent leather - why not - is perfect for a daytime look; for the evening, a little crossbody or a clutch. I matched one of my She In choker* to recall the same fabric of the shoes - I love this kind of details :) - and I preferred to style the hair in a half-bun to give even more the illusion of height.

I haven't worn socks or overcoat while it was Summer, but this dress is also suitable for this season! A pair of nude light tights and a shrug can complete the look to make it more autumnal. Little advice: choose a bolero in a shade which recalls the clothes and wear it inside the belt  ;)
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2 commenti

  1. I love empire waists! They are so universally flattering and look great. I love the dress you're wearing in this post!

    1. Yes, I think so! They're always a life saver when you don't know what to wear, I love their versatility and how they suit well most people. Thank you Lauren, I'm glad you like it!! xo