The Best Halloween Promo Of October

The Best Halloween Promo Of October

Saturday, 13 October 2018
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The most awaited celebration of the period is coming, only 18 days left to it! Could I ever miss a post about it? Impossible! Whether you're a complex dressmaker or you're just a few details kind of girl, this article might inspire you, so go on reading :)


I hadn't talked yet about this website on Color Me Fall and there isn't a more appropriate opportunity to present it to you! You're wondering why: well, you need to know on Sammy Dress* there's a super promotion about Halloween related stuff which is really interesting! This offer provides up to 80% off + 10% extra discount using the "Halloween" code on a selection of items. In addition, some of them have free shipping and priority dispatch.

The first two printed dresses I present to you, have a vintage style, an A-line and are sleeveless. They are both made in polyester and have priority dispatch; let's see them in details individually.

This is a plus size, so it starts from the L to finish at 4XL and the main colour is black - the only available one. Is mid-calf and has a shawl neckline. Perfect for Halloween evening, but not very adaptable for other days of the year, unless you use it for a themed party!

It starts from the S size to get to XL, so it has a good range. Adherent to bust, but wide at the bottom, skirt ends to knees. However, I recommend to use a petticoat to have the flare effect, otherwise, it will fall softly to the hips. It has heart neckline and crossed laces on sides. There is a zip on the back to wear it. This dress is definitely suitable for Halloween, but if you like gothic style you could use it also on other occasions, thanks to its basic colours :)
Other plus size dresses, the first from L size, the second to XL, to 5XL. Both with vintage style, A-line and knee-length, provide priority dispatch.

I preferred the orange one for its brightness and its capacity of highlighting the cute print, but it's also available in purple :) It's entirely made in polyester and the collar is square. I really like the short sleeve, I think it emphasizes shoulders and décolleté, hiding flaws - if there are any - on arms! Zip on the back to wear it. Halloween evening only.

It's available only in black, made of cotton and polyester, with cap sleeves. The neckline is round with a small keyhole and decorated like a spider's web, really nice! I remind you it's better to use a petticoat to have the wide effect of skirt. Good for Halloween and any theme party :)

There is also a large selection of tops on sale, and I've chosen some of my faves to describe them here on the blog. They have priority dispatch; now we're gonna see them in details.
This long sleeve top is available in purple with black details, laces and white insert. It's made of polyester and spandex and has a round neckline. It's really good for Halloween, but not easily adaptable to other times of the year.
As the name says it's composed of a tank top and a transparent hooded cape above. It's made of polyamide and spandex. I was impressed by its adaptability, being formed by two pieces. It can easily suit for other occasions as well, in the right ways :) Not to mention you can use them separately to create different looks. In short, you have three different items paying for one, easily wearable!
I put these two tops together due to their ease of matching, especially if you like gothic style. They have nothing which would prohibit you from using them for the rest of the season and even in Winter, especially the sweater. Both are available only in these colours, have long sleeves and are very fashionable! :) Plus size, the first one from L, the second from XL, to finish at 5XL, with priority dispatch.
Composed of rayon and spandex, this long tunic is covered with lace - if you like it as I do, you'll have to add a touch like that to Halloween night! - and has a boat neck characterized by a change of colour from black to red and a small keyhole on décolleté. Perfect for those who don't wanna give their sexy side up even during the most awaited popular celebration of the period.

I find it really nice with this sort of 3D effect on the front and skew neckline! It's made of polyester and spandex and is rather elastic. The fit is regular, ends up on the hips as a normal sweatshirt. Be careful at only one thing: according to one's body shape, it could dress slightly different (wider or narrower shoulders and similar), so check the size chart well before buying it.

Accessories are all with free shipping and priority dispatch, and have really affordable prices! I've chosen some nice ones, but there are other beautiful as well :) These have the same characteristics, distinguished only for the decoration.The first hair band is a spider web with rhinestones*, the second one a spiders crown*. Available only in these colours, so original, and suitable for adults only (they would be too big for children).
These are the last two items, they also have free shipping and priority dispatch. Available only in these colours and are both made of plastic. The first one is a hair band with fake scissors and blood* (fake too, obviously!!), the second one is a mask* powered by batteries (AA, not included) which lights up - too cute!

In addition to these categories, there are the men's clothing and the home decor ones, always talking about Halloween promo*, but on the website, you can find many other items at really affordable prices!

There's the possibility to return them the stuff within 30 days, and the partial or full refund in cases of product damaged or not in conformity with description. Please refer to the appropriate section* for further clarification!
*This is an affiliate link, which means if you buy from it, a percentage is credited to me without altering the cost of your order. If you wanna buy something, feel free to do that from it, so you'll support me :)

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