How To Clarify Your Doubts If You Want To Get A Piercing

How To Clarify Your Doubts If You Want To Get A Piercing

Sunday, 7 October 2018
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Do you like piercing? You would like to get one but you don't know if you'll regret it? Don't worry, you're not the only one! You know, it's something to think about a hundred of times before taking a decision, especially if you'd like to involve your face in this experience: after all, you can't go back; or rather, you can go back, but the sign will remain. So, I wish I could help you a little, as this is a topic which interests me particularly.

There are several kind of piercings, you can virtually pierce any body part you want to. However, in this post, we'll see the most common ones, and I'll try to help you with your choice if you wanna get a piercing.


Let's start with the famous navel*. Honestly, I think it's a piercing for everyone! Who decided that only those with a flat belly and an athletic body should do it? This type of jewellery is suitable for anyone who wants to feel more feminine, sensual, even with a few extra pounds :) It's obvious: if you start with the assumption that it wouldn't be good for you just because you aren't a top model, then I don't recommend doing it. But this is only a preconception that, IMHO, is so wrong! The navel can, on the contrary, help you to slender the figure, especially if you choose a fine and shiny one, not too big and long shaped. If you prefer something super bright and flashy you will be showier, of course, but this isn't a problem if you are comfortable with your body.

Whom is the navel piercing well for? Everyone! :)

Strength point: enhances femininity and sensuality, and if exploited in the right way, also helps to streamline the figure.


Tragus* and rook* are two kind of ear piercings, respectively on the cartilage flap in front of the ear canal, and on the highest part of the cartilage fold inside the pavilion. Like the belly piercing, they're practically suitable for everyone because, according to one's personality, they're very versatile: they can be discreet by wearing a small piercing, whether it's a sparkling stud or a screw bar, or with more special decorated hoops and similar. The tragus, among other things, is now considered more like an earring, because it isn't a super complicated piercing. Taking care of it is also simple.

Whom are they for? Everyone ;)

Strength point: very versatile, they can be discreet or showier depending on the type of jewellery chosen and according to your mood and personality.
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The dermal* is a piercing that can be done on almost any flat part of the body. It's really versatile and suitable for anyone, so I'd like to focus on some advice. The care, after you got it, must be meticulous: for the first week it must be covered with sterile gauze,and washed with saline at least once a day, and then the gauze should be replaced. Be careful to avoid contacts with chemical agents, such as those contained in shampoos or shower gel, and absolutely avoid bumps! You must also consider well which body part you're going to pierce: in fact, it's easy for the dermal to entangle in the waves of clothes or, maybe, in long hair.  Furthermore, if you want to remove it, you'll not be able to do it alone, but the piercer's intervention is necessary.

Whom are they for? For all those who have patience and can manage to be careful the dermal doesn't become infected!

Strength point: I find it particularly beautiful, and placed in some body part, it could really enhance the body. I think, e.g., it's so sexy between the shoulders :)

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Eyebrow piercing* is usually done on the more external part of it, but it isn't rare to see some of them placed in the middle or the inner part - to be clear, near the upper side of nose. It's really common now and it isn't very difficult to do and taking care of. However, since it's placed in the most exposed part of the face, if you're not sure about it, don't do it: sadly, if you wanna remove it, it will leave a quite remarkable scar! If I had to share my personal opinion, I think it would suit more a man than a women, especially if you have gentle traits - I've come to this with age, 'cause only ten years ago, I would have done everything to get it! So, think well :)

Whom are they for? If you want to underline the eye or the eyebrow area, well, it's perfect! Be careful though, it hardens the traits.

Strength point: it's really strong! If you have a sturdy personality it suits you perfectly :) And it's really sexy on men :)


There are several kind of labret piercings*: labret is usually made on the left or right side of lower lip, vertical labret is made by piercing vertically the lower lip, snake bite are two piercings, one on the left, the other on the right of the lower lip, central labret is the classic piercing on the center of the lower lip, central vertical labret is, as the name says, a hole made by piercing vertically the cetral part of the lower lip - I love it and I'm seriously thinking to get it! These are just a few of them, there are many other types (monroe, madonna, medusa, etc). Times are very long in order to completely cure this kind of piercing, from two or three months, and hygiene is essential to not infect the hole - as you know in the mouth there is plenty of bacteria, unfortunately. You must avoid smoking and touching it with hands before carefully washing them.

Whom are they for? People with full or fleshy lips, but even if you have thin lips there are some types of labret piercing which can highligth them. Ask always your trusted piercer for advice :)

Strength point: if used well, they can make even the thinnest lips more fleshy, and also attract a lot of attention, in order to take the look away from any imperfections on face ;)

  • NOSE

There are many types of nose piercing*, the most common are nostril - which I have for about 15 years - septum and brigde, which is made above the nasal septum at the eye level. Nostril is the most used type (although lately a lot of septum can also be seen) and, by personal experience, it doesn't cause pain - even though the tolerance thresholds are different from person to person. Also, there aren't particular precautions for the care and maintenance. The septum recovery goes from ten days to two weeks, and the only advice I can give you is if the distance between nose and mouth is minimal, you should choose a small jewel which doesn't cover the upper lip (otherwise there will be the "bull effect"). The things are a bit more complex for the bridge: there is a high risk of rejection and if you want to remove it, the scar will remain. You should also choose a tiny piercing, otherwise your eyes will always point to it, even without noticing, causing strabismus: therefore, it's better to choose spheres which don't exceed 3mm in circumference.

Whom are they for? For those who have a rather regular facial shape, without particular nasal imperfections :)

Strength point: beautiful to see, and above all septum is really exotic!


One of the most common perplexities for the tongue piercing* is the pain associated with it: you must always remember the pain threshold is subjective, but talking to people who did it, all of them assured me that the pain is comparable to a bite to the tongue anyway :) The healing time is among the fastest, from two to six weeks, therefore the complete process occurs in about 6 months. The treatment can be a bit annoying due to the plentiness of bacteria in the mouth, so you should follow all the precautions the piercer will provide to you, for proper healing and avoid infections.

Whom are they for? More than saying "whom is it for?" it's better to say "who can get it?". Tongue piercing, in fact, suits well everyone, but the piercer will decide if doing it is appropriate or not, based on client conformation.

Strength point: its beauty is undoubted, so it would be superfluous to focus on! But if you want to remove it, the hole will close in short time without leaving scars, and this is surely its strength point! :)

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Most personal piercings are certainly the nipple* ones and those made on intimate parts of one's body. The first one's care and disinfection are often more painful than the pierce act, healing occurs in a maximum of 9 months and, despite all the urban legends regarding it, there isn't any risk for breastfeeding :) Hygiene is really important about genital piercings*: there is a chance, in fact, of diseases trasmission if the piercing isn't well treated and wound is still open during the sexual act. Healing time ranges from two weeks to approximately 6 months.

Whom are they for? It's useless to talk about it, however the piercer will decide if you can get it, as well as the tongue piercing.

Strength point: it's subjective, so nothing to say about it :)

I hope this post has been helpful! However, I remind you to talk with a professionist before taking a decision and above all, make sure the piercer always use hypoallergenic material and sterilized tools to avoid unpleasant consequences. If you're still in doubt, you can also try out piercings you would like to get using special jewels*! :)

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