Dress Like A Fashion Blogger

Dress Like A Fashion Blogger

Sunday, 21 October 2018
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Magic words are always the same here on Color Me Fall: inspiration and shopping. If you're on this post is definitely for one of them, or maybe both:) I warn you though, today's post will put a strain on you if you just want some ideas, 'cause the outfits are really interesting as well as the promo I'm about to introduce you, so... I advise you to already log in to your Paypal account or prepare your credit card because it will be very hard to resist! :P


Another round, another race, or rather another website, another promo! Each e-commerce has a section dedicated to its best sellers*, but not all discounted them of 10% (in addition to sales which are already applied on)! To take advantage of it, just enter the code "ebates10" at the checkout, but meanwhile, we'll see some nice ideas.

The first outfit is very casual, I started from the jacket* which I immediately liked (I'm going crazy for the shearling effect), then I built the entire look upon it - which I love! This faux fur is available in 8 different colours, is fully lined and the zipper doesn't close completely but leaves the collar open.
Below I've matched a printed grey sweatshirt*, made of soft fabric. Edges are tight elastic, to make the look more pleasant. 
I choose skinny jeans*to shape the figure, having opted for rather large items for the top. Beautiful the floral detail and the ripped knee. Be careful: it's better to hand wash all these stuff!

Both for ankle boots*and glasses*it was love at first sight! First ones are made of genuine leather, studded and available in a wide range of size, but only in black; the cat-eyes in this wonderful red, top colour of the season, are really inevitable in this outfit as they give that touch of style to revive the look which would be otherwise too plain. They are resin-made and have adjustable pads in silicone so they will adapt to any type of nose.
This outfit is perfect for those with a rectangular body shape!

>>>By the way, in the latest newsletter, I gave an advice on which kind of dresses is better to avoid if you have a body like mine, so if you don't wanna miss the next content, subscribe! Click here :)

Beige and brown have always been two of my fave shades for Fall, not to mention when you pair them with black. Although it has never been a combination acclaimed by most, black with some tones of brown always attracted me, as long as it's not too dark. The shirt* hit me due to the rouche on the front and the tie neck, I find this kind of collar very elegant. It's suitable especially for those who don't usually wear necklaces, as it replaces them in a rather convincing manner. Be careful to the size chart: fabric isn't elastic!
Faux suede skirt* is also available in other colours, but I've chosen it in this beautiful tone 'cause it reminds me so much of the autumn foliage. It's elastic and embellished with two side slits which can be adjusted through laces. 

As a result, I matched leather boots* and gloves*: as you know, I also like to play with fabrics, and leather + suede is another pairing I've always loved. First ones have a special heel: as you can see, it's a kind of cone, a very comfortable one, 'cause after all, it's like wearing wedges; second ones are particular in their style and design (they also have free shipping in 24h). Both these accessories must be treated like any other leather item, regarding their care and cleaning, so I recommend to rub them only with a damp cloth. Especially for gloves, maybe it's better to even have them cleaned by a specialist. The bucket crossbody* is so cool with the black/blue contrast! - this is the colours-in-contrast outfit aha! It's made of faux leather and completely lined inside, with closure by a drawstring. 
This type of look is perfect for those who want to mark the waist point and highlight legs :)

What can I say about this splendid faux fur*? In the products showcase it immediately caught my attention due to its dark green colour, and very frankly, I thought it has to absolutely be mine! I've always liked these furs, I have a similar one in white, but it's impossible to keep it clean D: Talking about the one I've chosen for that look, it's without the collar and open on the front, with a regular fit but not elastic. 
I was undecided whether to create an outfit with a dress or a two-pieces one: when I saw this skirt*I had no more doubts. Although it's monochromatic, I love its movement: the layers of overlapping fabric make it special. It's made of wool blend, not elastic and has a zip on the back. 
To emphasize details and coat, I preferred to choose a basic knit crop top* for the upper part of the body, with buttons which run along the entire long sleeve up to the neck. It's made of stretch fabric, easily combinable and very chic for Fall! Be careful: all these items are to be washed by hand and especially the fur needs more care with cold washes! 

Ok, I think boots* are another outfit highlight: embroidered details are really wonderful and the colours recall the rest of the look. Heels are 11cm high, but they're square shaped, so they're comfy and suitable even for those who aren't usually used to wear them. The fabric is faux suede, so I recommend to clean them only with a soft cloth. Lastly, heart-shaped pendant earrings* are really cute and give an extra classy touch to all look. 
This outfit is perfect if you want to emphasize your waist point but be careful: if you have broad shoulders, as in case of inverted triangle body shape, fur like this could make your silhouette less harmonious.

I created this outfit playing on the contrast good/bad girl, pairing a strong dress with soft accessories. Let's start from the mini dress*: made of faux leather, it has an underbust waist and it's asymmetrical. The fabric isn't stretched and to wear it must be used the zip on the front. I recommend hand washing! Tip: if you like it but you don't feel comfortable wearing it alone, you can use a pair of leggings to add more cover :) 
A hooded crop sweatshirt* above which I found really cool! It has a relaxed fit and the fabric is soft-touch, the hem is stepped.

>>>In my last post on Instagram, I gave a little advice regarding the care you need to have for your clothes. If you wanna see it, click here :)

Boots* certainly attract attention! They end up above the knee and are made of stretch fabric and leather. The ribbed finish and narrow fit don't make them suitable for everyone, so you have to be careful: if legs aren't your strong point, I advise against them. I love how accessories are deliberately in contrast with the rest of the outfit: the elastic satin hairband* and the square-shaped sunglasses*, both in this light pink (almost baby pink), soften the whole look, making it even more characteristic. Sunnies are made of metal with adjustable nose pads in silicone. 
Although the previous outfits are more adaptable, I recommend this one only to the petite ones, for obvious reasons! (I'll never allow it for myself, unfortunately!)

Last look! I've chosen to keep rather monochromatic, to bring out the only coloured accessory - which I like so bad! Let's start with the camo tee*: usually, I'm not going crazy for this design, although I don't mind when the colours are quite basic. This item, in particular, impressed me with its sexy side, due to the lace-up neckline which you can tighten or widen at will and the choker detail. It's made of soft jersey, therefore elastic, and the fit is regular. 
Now, why combine it with simple jeans when you can have a  double-breasted* skirt? Made of soft corduroy, not elastic, with a high waist kind. The fit is regular and has a back zip. I recommend to wash it by hand too. 

Chunky ankle boots* are really cute, decorated with buckles and braids and the fabric is velvety touch. The tip is round and the heel height is 8cm, so wearable by everyone!
Could I not include a set of rings* in one of these outfits? I really like them! I think these ones especially are very chic. They're a bundle of 8, with a unique size, and can also be worn as midi-rings. In the end, I held the must have: the bag*. It's really beautiful! It can be used both as a crossbody or by hand, it's made of transparent polyester and carries a small red bag inside. The focus is certainly on it in this look, which is quite suitable for all kind of body shapes, with due care :)


I bid my farewell informing you that, with an order over $35,99, shipping is free and you'll be gifted with a brooch :) In addition, if you have never bought from Choies*, with the registration you'll get a 15% discount on your purchase!

>>> Visit the Download section, there are a thing or two you'll like ;) 

*This is an affiliate link, which means if you buy from it, a percentage is credited to me without altering the cost of your order. If you wanna buy something, feel free to do that from it, so you'll support me :)


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  1. Now that I have discovered pleathers, stretchy leggings, it’s hard to convince me wear anything else! I love that it provides the comfort of leggings with The edginess of a leather pant; the best of both worlds! Though I am not a fashion blogger—and a music biz blogger—this look keeps me looking rock star, but allows me to still be comfortable. Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Yup I like them too! Actually, I have just a couple of them, but I'm planning some shopping for the next few days and I think I'll take some! Just today I wore a pair of them matched with a white tee knotted on the front and a vintage cardigan: love that style! Thank you too for stopping by! xo

  2. Love these tips, couldn't agree more! :)

    1. I'm so glad you like them! Thank you for stopping by :) xo