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July Report

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Friday, 10 August 2018

Well here we are, how did you spend your July?

My last post before Summer vacation is a general report of the recent days which were really full of experiences! Although it may seem like I didn't have time for shooting, I photographed a lot to capture what I did, bought and the new places I visited to make you participate in all of this. Are you ready for a quick recap?
  • For the first time, I went to an open-air mall in my province, the Cilento Outlet Village! Two dear friends accompanied me, they knew very well I'd love it. I'm planning to return there one of the next weekends to do some other shopping I'll show you later!
  • This image speaks clearly, the Lindt shop inside the mall has bewitched me, as well as its Varesino. The waiters also pass by offering you the Lindors, and obviously, we couldn't get out of there without having made a small personal escort. Perfect.

  • Last time I went to my favourite store, I took advantage of the sales. I really like its style and the shop assistant is very kind, and this is what I bought right there.
  • A dress I also got in the same store. I made this pic before wearing it but you'll certainly see this in a style post later. In addition, I have taken two others equally beautiful! One has large vertical stripes with a waist belt, the other one is long and floral printed paid around €15; there is also a pair of baggy pants, I've already suited for one of the next posts.
  • My training with Vivy Trainer, I wouldn't get it up for anything in the world! Slowly but I make progress and you're seeing it here on the blog.
  • This was the first year I enjoyed the Overline. Before it, we had a nice aperitif and then we went to the event. Among other things, the graffiti is really wonderful and I think I'll do some short photo shoots right there. The jam is very beautiful, and it was also interesting to watch the breakdance exhibition!
Woman Necklaces
  • He's Bran, my little man. I took this photo because I really enjoyed his attention to watch the birds out the window, he's too sweet.
  • I recently bought some chokers and I'm wearing them every day. They are all actually wonderful and I'm very happy I took them. Before last year's surgery, I wouldn't even have dreamed of wearing this kind of accessories (is anyone out there who had my same experience?), especially for the troubles it could have caused me... But now I'm absolutely addicted to them, and think, they're selling bundles of 10 items for only $3,43 on She In!
  • This ring you see in the pic is one of the most precious items I have. It was given to me by my grandma and every time I wear it for me it's a feel. By the way, it has more years than me but seems to have just come out of the jewellery! You can see also another of the fabulous She In's chokers. I was thinking of taking a bundle again. Why not take advantage of these worthwhile prices?
  • And now say hello to one of my favourite blouses of the season. I love everything about this top, the colour, the fit: there's something in my eyes that makes it special... Not to mention those flared sleeves!
I hope you enjoyed this short overview and if you want you can tell me about your Summer so far. Have a nice weekend!

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