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What I Love about Summer

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Friday, 6 July 2018

I confess myself, Summer isn't my favourite time of the year. I don't like the sea, mosquitoes and the hot weather; on the other hand, I love bathing at the lake or the river, trips out of town, BBQs in the mountains with friends and in the end, I'm crazy about season fruits. But the thing I like most to do this period is definitely going out for a walk: go out at dusk and get home late at night, after an outdoor aperitif or a dinner outside, especially during the holidays, without necessarily having to wake up early the next morning... So, why not to share one of my outfits for a classic quiet Summertime evening here on the blog?!

The accessories are my favourite thing about this look, particularly regarding the bracelet and shoes: the first one is about $5 on Modlily, I find it very nice and chic! The seconds are instead out of stock on Light In The Box, unfortunately, but I'll insert a sliding gallery a little further down with a series of footwear similar of those I wear, so you can find the ones you like best or those are right for you. The dress is still available, at the moment it's in promo. You can find it at $10, in 9 different colours, including the one I took, dark blue (I have it in black, too!). Anyway, I'd like to mention Modlily again because they have several interesting promotions, so take a look! The bracelet can be found here.

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