A Special Wishlist - Online Shopping

A Special Wishlist - Online Shopping

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Well, this year my team, Italy, will not participate in the World Cup, but let's console ourselves with a little bit of shopping (yeah, every occasion is a good one for that!). You're wondering why I made this intro, and now I'll tell you. Today's fashion wishlist is about some fantastic sales picked from Yoins. If their prices are already good all throughout the year, with the 2018 - World Cup special promo come super great discounts - in honour of the globe most famous sport event! So many clothes, tops and other items have been put on sale for the occasion, and you can further save money by using the code: world20 at checkout! My favs in the list below are definitely the flat leather shoes, the transparent backpack and the floral white dress.

Remember to click on the item names to check prices and availability!

An interesting activity for you by Yoins:
The "MyReferral" program is an interesting initiative promoted by Yoins: practically, by inviting friends to subscribe to the website, you can win big coupons! In conclusion, talking clearly, you can receive a discount up to $49.
How to invite friends?
Very simple: click on this link, register and go to "MyReferral". Then, copy and share your link with whoever you want, or invite them via email.
What will I receive in return?
Your coupons are already waiting to be sent to you. When your friends will register through your link, they will come to you! The more friends you will invite and sign up, the higher the value of your discounts will be.

What is the Referral Program 2.0?
Oh, of course, how can I not tell you about the Referral Program 2.0? Especially when you have the chance to win an item at $0.1 (yes, you have read right, 10 CENTS)!
Ladies and gentleman, here we're talking about real bargains. Yoins has decided to insert a new program this month, but you need to hurry because there are limited daily stocks, so the right time to try is... as soon as possible. A product of your choice from a list of items at $0.1 plus two other prizes every day (until June 21th). Here they're making big gifts right and left! You can find clothing, fashion and accessories.
Are you still thinking about it? It doesn't matter, the important thing is that you are aware the Mega Referral will expire tomorrow!