Animal Print.

Animal Print.

 Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Good Morning! Last weekend I was supposed to shot some pictures, it's true, however I needed some relax, so I rested up. Actually, I also took a break from usual houseworks and, in facts, now I have a lot of things to do (I'm writing on Monday). It had been a long time since I really had a wholeday for myself, so I took the opportunity to spend it with my family. Now, after this break, I'm ready to talk you about the next topic.

On Sunday I wore a dress like this I found on Romwe, very beautiful, elegant and comfy: even if I haven't photographed my outfit, I'll talk about animal prints. How to wear this kind of dress without slipping off the edge? The line between glam and trash becomes very thin in this case, so let's see together some suitable outfits.

First of all I would like to dispel the myth that with an animal printed dress you cannot play with the look: wrong! Just follow good taste. Remember, mixing two or more animalier clothes it's chancy: it's better to use accessories or other rather neutral clothing, so you will not appear too flashy. Before moving on to see the various options, I would like to advise you on the price of this dress which is currently on sale at €24. Moreover on Romwe there are tons of other items on discount, plus many promotions, check it out!


I love the color combination with blue, beige or nude and leopard print, so I'm suggesting you these items. I've liked to suit earrings and bracelets, however I've kept a simple line with bag and sandals.


That's another combination I really like, leopard print with green, especially the green army shades. I've opted for a pair of flat sandals to make the look more versatile and "easy".


So, here we are with the last set, elegant and formal, right for a special evening or a classy location. You're never wrong wearing black, and pairing it with gold gives that little bit "extra" to the whole look.