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3 Tips for Spring Dressing

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Wednesday, April 25 2018
You know, I'm not an expert blogger. However I wish to share my personal experience about what to wear during springtime. I hope my advice will be useful, so if you go on reading you'll find out some good tips about how to dress in this period, when the weather changes from day to day - sometimes even from hour to hour - and always be chic without forgoing comfort!

Everyone's looking for the perfect blouse. I personally love the slightly wide ones, that give you the right comfort of moving, and I like even more those with bright colors. So, if you manage to find a breathable fabric garment in the perfect size for you then... bingo! Anyway be careful, because if you take it too small, it will not have the desired "fluttering" effect. On the contrary, a too large one will make you look twice as big as you really are. My last purchase is the SheIn's polka dot blouse that meets all my requirements and moreover is on sale at 8,25€!

I love shoes and I really have plenty of them. Anyhow, sometimes the weather is uncertain, and you don't know what kind of shoes to put on: you could start using sandals, or open shoes, but if it rains you'll find yourself with wet feet; on the other hand, if you wear Winter shoes, you'll end sweating. In both cases, especially if you have to stay away from home for a long time, it will be quite annoying. Surfing the web I found these beautiful shoes on House of Fraser, perfect for Spring, and I really like them! They have round tapered tips, side zippers and chunky heels. I love this kind of heels and I think they're really comfortable. You can find these boots on sale at the moment, too.

Here we are with the makeup. We all love to wear makeup and we all want to start playing with the eyeshadows or the lipstick colors. Finally, this season gives us the chance to dare with brighter tones. However, for now, let's focus on skin. If you don't already use it, I recommend the gentler BBCream instead of the foundation, and above all, the use of primer to moisturize the skin. Let's choose something very light, for example the Photo Finish Primer Water from Smashbox. You'll find it here in two size, standard and mini.

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